Ten ISIS militants arrested, including two in Sulaimani: federal intelligence agency


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SULAIMANI —Iraq’s Intelligence and Investigative Agency said on Monday (September 21) that eight Islamic State (ISIS) militants were arrested in separate areas in Saladin governorate and two others in Sulaimani governorate.

The ISIS militants were wanted in accordance with the article 4th of the federal Counterterrorism Law, the federal intelligence agency said in a statement.

"Two of them were arrested, in coordination with the security forces in Sulaimani governorate, while they were trying to flee to one of the neighboring countries," read the statement, without revealing which a neighbor country.

A pile of munitions including detonation measures, anti-shield and launcher missiles were confiscated in Makishifa island in the governorate, according to the statement.

"The [ISIS] terrorists' statements were recorded and referred to the judiciary and the explosive materials were removed without any incident,” the statement added.

On Sunday, Iraq’s Security Media Cell said that an ISIS leader was arrested in Baghdad governorate and a force from Nineveh Operations Command discovered a cache of munitions during an operation in Rabia and al-Baaj districts in the western part of governorate.

Iraq declared victory over ISIS in December 2017, but the militant group routinely launches attacks against civilian and military targets.

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