Peshmerga officer commits suicide in Sulaimani


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SULAIMANI — A Peshmerga officer committed suicide on Tuesday (June 30) at a facility in Sulaimani belonging to the Peshmerga Third Brigade.

General of the Third and Seventh Brigades Ayoub Yousif Saeed said on his official Facebook account the officer was on duty at the time.

The family of the office said that he did not have any problem with anyone and said that his death was because he accidently fired his gun.

The 70’s Peshmerga Unit spokesperson Ahmed Latif said that the suicide happened at 4 a.m. and after investigating the matter they found out that it was indeed suicide.

According to the Brigade, the officer is from Balisan town and has been a Peshmerga officer for the past six years.

(NRT Digital Media)