Kuna Masi survivor speaks out about severe injuries suffered in Turkish airstrike

Shrapnel remains embedded in his body; wife, child hurt
Kaiwan, one of the survivors of a Turkish airstrike on Sulaimani's Kuna Masi town speaking to NRT reporter on Tuesday June 30, 2020 (NRT Digital Media)

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SULAIMANI — One of the survivors of a Turkish airstrike on Sulaimani governorate’s Kuna Masi town on June 25 has described the gruesome injuries that he and his family suffered as a result of the attack, as well as the economic impact it has had on his livelihood.

One of the men wounded in the attack, named Keywan, told an NRT reporter on Tuesday (June 30) that more than six pieces of shrapnel are still lodged inside his body, despite efforts to remove them surgically. One of his wife’s legs was amputated and the other one was broken.

His son was also hit by shrapnel and a piece in the boy’s head is lodged so deep that removing it may cause damage to his hearing or optic nerve.

On June 25, Turkey launched an airstrike that killed two Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) fighters who had briefly stopped to buy supplies in Kuna Masi, a popular area for tourists to come and relax away from the city. The missile hit near the village market, owned by Keywan and his family, gutting it with fire. In total, six civilians were wounded in the attack, including Keywan, his wife, son, and daughter

“I have completed school and my wife has completed university but, because of the lack of job opportunities, we built a shop in Kuna Masi. During the bombardment, my wife and children were with me in order to help me with the shop,” Keywan said.

“Those people who came to my shop to buy things from me and were bombed, I did not know who they were and who they were not. I cannot ask that question: people come, buy things, and go,” he continued.

“It is enough. Poor and destitute people will be affected by such incidents, just like how my life has been destroyed.”

(NRT Digital Media)